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By on October 30, 2019
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I started performing 3 years ago. My boyfriend at the time and I were curious to know what it would be like to sexually engage with other hot girls. We sent pictures to DORCEL and Hervé Bodilis wanted to meet me one week after. I shot my first scene one month after, everything went very fast for me.

My first scene was
My first scene was a boy girl vaginal scene with my ex-boyfriend, in an amazing apartment. The movie’s name is luxure “I offer my wife to others”.

The scene was good, but I was too shy. I was nervous because I was used to being a model for still pictures but I’d never done movies before. The positions were difficult for me, I realized that porn is a real job and we need to be in a good shape to do it!

How has my performance changed over time
My acting and performance changed step by step because I felt more and more comfortable in front of the camera, and I gained experience as I worked a lot. At the beginning I was shy and nervous to say my dialogue but now I am ok, and I’ve got a good memory!

How has performing influenced me as a person
In my private life, the performing with others influenced me. I became more experienced, I’m more open minded now and agree to discover many things. Also, I know better my body, what I like or what I don’t like.

Where am I now and where would I like to be
I wish to keep performing for a few more years because I only started 3 years ago. I like my job and I would like to have a long career. After my contract with DORCEL, I am hoping to work in the USA.

My favorite movie(s)
My favorite movie that I was in, is ” Sex Dance”, because I could combine my passion for dance with my sexual performing.

I love working with
I love to work with Kristof Kale, Alberto Blanco, Mike Angelo, Charlie Dean in Europe, and in America Jason luv, Manuel Ferrara. They are very good performers and are respectful of the girls.

What I like best about acting in adult movies
My favorite thing is the sex of course but also, I travel a lot! I discovered many countries and I meet a lot of fun people. Since I began acting, my life changed, but in a very good way.

What I’m not so keen on
What I am not so keen on, well there are not enough BBC (Big Black Cock) scenes with DORCEL lol!

A typical day for me
A typical free day for me is beach, gym, see my friends and spend time with my rabbits.

A typical working day is make-up early in the morning, hairstyle, styling, then go to the set, doing pictures and be ready to shoot the scene. We can finish very late, sometimes midnight or more.

Last book I read
Last book: “Une vie en pointes” Ghislaine Thesmar. It’s about a ballet dancer.

Favorite TV Shows/Movies
Favorite movie is Black Swan.

What I wanted to be growing up
When I was younger, I wanted to be a ballerina, so I’ve done 14 years of dance. I should actually make a choice between studies and ballet. After that I would like to be a model.

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