Adulttoymegastore Supports Standards for Adult Toys

By on October 3, 2019

Wellington, NZ – For the first time the International Standardization Authority (ISO) has established a new project committee to develop a standard on sex toys design and safety. Standards NZ facilitates New Zealand involvement in this project and Adulttoymegastore is the New Zealand observer to this project committee.

New Zealand’s largest online retailer of adult products Adulttoymegastore welcomes this initiative having supported greater safety for sex toys for more than a decade.

Adulttoymegastore founder and owner Nicola Relph says the retailer has been pushing for a focus on safety for a long time. She says the industry should welcome adult toy regulation.

“I opened Adulttoymegastore in 2009. We have always taken the approach that our customers are our number one so we have always put their safety first despite the lack of an international standard for adult toys. This involves only importing products from organisations that are reputable and safe.”

“Toys are far more mainstream now than they ever were and some consumers are buying from online retailers that don’t have the standards others do. A universal standard would protect consumers.” she says.
Customer Satisfaction Specialist at Adulttoymegastore Sophie McGrath agrees.

“There are toys being made and sold that you should just not put anywhere near your body. Some customers want the cheapest product possible so they’re going to places like Wish and Aliexpress. It’s awful but you just can’t necessarily trust the manufacturer you’re getting it from – without a middleman making sure they have used silicone that is body safe, or glass that won’t break, or even that they’re clean – you can be in danger. And if the worst happens, there’s nowhere you can turn.”

“Customer safety has always been our priority for us.” “Using a reputable company matters – but we’d love to see all companies keeping to a high standard and putting their customers first.

Nicola Relph agrees. “Standards being set wouldn’t just benefit consumers it would benefit the whole industry – in my opinion that’s a really good thing.”

“When you’re a retailer, no matter what you’re selling, you have an obligation to your customer to keep them safe. We have always believed that.”

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