BMS Gets Fresh at AdultEx 2018

By on May 9, 2018

Toronto, Canada, The BMS Factory team has reported a very successful 2018 Adultex Show, with brand new collections featuring fresh, unique products, Australian retailers are eager to feature in their stores.

The highlight of the show for BMS had to be the newest addition to the Commotion line, the Cha-Cha! Thrusting its way into everyone’s hearts, the Cha-Cha features a silicone dual vibrator with a smooth and steady thrusting shaft that can be increased to an extremely powerful motion at the highest setting. Customers stated they’d never seen anything comparable to the power and style of this thruster. The Commotion line is seeing updated branding and packaging and the response has been incredible. Almost every retailer at the show placed an order for this unique new item.

The Pillow Talk brand has been an international best-seller early on in its release, with retailers at the show advising they are selling heaps of Pillow Talk in their stores and they can’t keep it in stock. Now with new styles being added to the collection, the Swarovski bedazzled line is cementing itself as a brand with buying power. The luxurious Pillow Talk products offer quality features without a luxury price tag, making body-safe, premium products, affordable. The newest items added to the collection are the Frisky pleasure palls, and the Kinky dual vibrator which showcases a unique crown-like clitoral shape unlike any other.

The final favourite of the event was the introduction of the Essential rechargeable bullet range. Moving away from cell-battery powered bullets BMS has developed an affordable display kit for individual rechargeable bullets. The Essential bullet comes in a sleek store display, complete with working testers, and features the trusted Powerbullet® motor.

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