Bonnie Rotten Fan Memorabilia

By on December 7, 2014
Bonnie Rotten figurines

Bonnie Rotten, the hottest erotic star on the planet right now, has her own 3D erotic figurines.  Bonnie has been exclusively scanned with state of the art 3D equipment in Berlin and Los Angeles. Thanks to this new technology, you now can have Bonnie at home.

“I have my own action figures!” said an excited Bonnie Rotten from Germany. “I always dreamed I would have one and now I have four!”

The Bonnie figurines come in three scaled down sizes and in four different variations: Sexy Bonnie, Schoolgirl, Bondage and Rollergirl. They are available in 1:10, 1:7 and 1:5 scale and range from US$99-US$499.

The hand coloured 3D figures are made of polymer clay – a product of highest quality. They are printed, on demand, layer by layer, by high end 3D printing machines. After printing, each figurine receives the manual finishing touch by specially trained professional craftsmen before it is crated for a safe journey to your home.

The same 3D scanning technology can be applied to almost any creature or person and a range of figurines or even your own personalized figurine, as a limited edition, is available upon request.

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