Celebrate National Couples Day with Swiss Navy

By on August 18, 2021

Pompano Beach, FL – National Couple’s Day is celebrated every August 18th, but this year it feels more important. Because of all the incredible happenings in our world, Swiss Navy encourages everyone to celebrate their relationships and significant others in an inclusive way. 

Whether your couple-hood is same-sex, opposite sex, gender non-conforming, or undefined, love is a universal language. August 18th is a great day to share your love with your partner.

Swiss Navy shares suggestions on ways to celebrate National Couples Day this year.

1. Get Busy
Since National Couples Day falls on a Wednesday this year, why not enjoy some Hump Day love? Swiss Navy lubricants are always appropriate for celebrating occasions of love.

2. Share Your Love
Research shows that hugging your partner can increase levels of oxytocin, helping to boost our moods. 

3. Sync Your Hearts
According to research by U.C. Davis, when gazing into the eyes of your partner, your heartbeats sync up, helping create links between lovers. 

“Connection is one of the aspects at the heart of our products,” said Briana Watkins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for M.D. Science Lab. “Our Swiss Navy team wholeheartedly hopes that couples everywhere can find time to celebrate each other this National Couples Day. It’s the perfect time to check in with each other before the busyness of Fall begins.”

In honor of National Couples Day, Swiss Navy encourages everyone to celebrate the connection of love in all its many forms.


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