Cleopatra’s Love Potion From Claredale

By on December 22, 2014
Cleopatras Love Potion

Traditional Aphrodisiac Herb commonly known as ‘the goddess of love’


Damiana Herb (Turnera Aphrodisiac)

History and Folklore
For thousands of years, this herb has been attributed with aphrodisiac properties. The ancient Greeks gave the plant an official name of “aphrodisiakos,” while referring to it commonly as the “goddess of love.” The Mayans and Aztecs, who also used the herb to enhance libido, smoked or burned the dried leaf to promote vision quests.

In Mexico, damiana is featured in an alcoholic beverage considered the country’s traditional liquor. The shape of the bottle it is distributed in is designed to represent an Incan Goddess and the brew is touted as the original used in the first margarita ever made.


Soak 15 grams (whole bag) in 300ml of vodka or white wine for a few days. Consume with a lover and enjoy the loved up evening!

Available from Claredale Distributors 

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