Dana DiValli – Bodispa/ Nobu Toys

By on November 15, 2015

The Bodispa/ Nobu Toys firm and its founder Alain Elmaleh are officially announcing the addition of adult novelty veteran Dana DiValli to their great team.

Dana officially joined the company last week on November 2nd 2015 as the international sales and marketing manager for both our Bodispa wellness products and Nobu toys brands, following the departure of Zack Stevens.

“I am so very excited to now be a big part in growing the incredible Nobu brand. I’m honoured to have such strong support from someone like Alain Elmaleh, to trust me and give me this opportunity. I couldn’t imagine a better fit in my career.” DiValli said.

“I have always been a fan of the innovative high end Nobu Toys and of Alain, and the line-up of the new Nobu items for 2016 is simply phenomenal! I promise you will be quite surprised and impressed at the same time!” DiValli added.

Dana concluded by saying this about her new responsibilities: “Relationships come pretty naturally to me, and I enjoy making new friendships through business. I love the authenticity that comes from standing by and representing a brand that I personally believe in and am proud of. Being able to show honesty in business relationships as well as creating financial success for business partners who I consider to be my friends and now part of the Nobu family is an extremely rewarding and respectable aspect of my job”.

Prior to joining Bodispa/Nobu toys, Dana started developing brands in this industry many years ago. The extent of her experience grew pretty rapidly, as she was supported by some very admirable and successful leaders in the industry. With the extensive domestic and international travel experience that was required of her to strongly develop a global brand, it was only a matter of time before Dana was exposed to all aspects of bringing a brand alive, and helping that brand grow became a second nature for her.

The unique thing about Dana is that she’s experienced in all areas of branding such as strategic planning, sales operations, brand expansion, international relations, key account management, product design and development, product education specialist, marketing and social media, b2b distribution, new business development and all while providing the absolute best in customer service. Therefore we are convinced that Dana will rapidly bring a new dimension to our brand expansion worldwide.

In addition to the appointment of Dana Divalli, the company also has been nominated for numerous awards these past 2 year.

For more information, contact the team at info@nobutoys.com, or call us at 1-800-465-5822 ext 230

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