Demand for ‘Obedience’ Sex Bench Soars after Celebrity Stunt

By on June 6, 2019

Huntington Beach, CA – The Master Series Obedience Extreme Sex Bench made headlines worldwide last week after stars Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson were caught by paparazzi carrying the sex bench into their home, and now adult retailers can’t get enough. In the days following the publicity stunt, Hustler Hollywood brought the Obedience Extreme Sex Bench into all 30 of its retail locations and demand for the versatile and adjustable sex furniture is keeping XR Brands sales staff on their toes.

Documented in several paparazzi photos, the young supermodel and her actress girlfriend giggled as they carried the Obedience Extreme Sex Bench into their home. The stunt clearly was a success, as the story has been picked up by media outlets around the world, from the UK’s Daily Mail to almost every gossip site in existence. Even the OC Weekly highlighted the couple’s housewarming gift, remarking that its manufacturer, XR Brands, is a local Orange County business.

“This has been one of the biggest responses we’ve had to sightings of celebrities holding or buying our products and we are delighted by the influx of interest and orders!” XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg said. “It’s an honor to have Hustler Hollywood bring the Obedience Extreme Sex Bench into their 30 brick-and-mortar locations and so many other customers seeing the potential for having this kind of versatile sex furniture in stock – especially knowing that shoppers are starting to ask for it by name.”

The Master Series Obedience Extreme Sex Bench is made of sturdy steel with comfortable padding for the body, legs, arms, and head to support hours of vigorous play. This ergonomically shaped bench leaves partners exposed for spankings, penetration, or both. With a removable U-shaped headrest, optional straps, easy-to-use quick release buckles, and adjustable arm and leg supports, the Obedience Extreme Sex Bench from Master Series allows for a fully customizable experience.

The Obedience Extreme Sex Bench is compatible with the Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine, a powerful thrusting device that mounts perfectly for use while strapped into the durable sex bench. Adjustable and customizable, the Dicktator adds a special kind of pleasure to the Obedience Extreme Sex Bench experience.

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