Dorcel Implements Production Code of Ethics

By on April 22, 2021

Paris, FR — French adult conglomerate Dorcel has released their new “Charte Déonthologique” (Code of Ethics ) for the production of erotic films in France, which the company had announced back in November.

Dorcel announced the Code of Ethics was prepared on behalf of the company by a group including performer Liza del Sierra, sociologist Alexandre Duclos and 32 other professionals.

Dorcel’s November 2020 announcement that it would prepare a Code of Ethics coincided with Ares Group — the parent company of Jacquie et Michel releasing their own Code of Ethics.

The 11-page document includes sections concerning “Respect of Human Personhood and Dignity” (including sections on hygiene and coercion); “The Principle of Right of Contract”; “Effectivity and Execution of Contracts”; “Establishment of a Trust Layer” (e.g., an intimacy coordinator); “Obligation of Means”; “Confidentially and Private Life”; and “Under-the-Table Labor.”

Dorcel’s Code of Ethics also includes 18 recommendations to producers.

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