Dreamgirl Boosts Imagery On Black Diamond Hosiery Packaging

By on November 4, 2015

Los Angeles, CA – Dreamgirl International unveiled its new graphically-enhanced Black Diamond packaging alongside the 2016-2017 Collection Catalogue launch. The new Black Diamond box features a modified twist to the classic package’s die line and signature diamond-capped top. With imaging that now extends from the top to the bottom of the box and the additional silver foil edging along the front of the box, the latest alterations add an elegant touch to the sleek silhouette of the packaging.

The product images have expanded in size by 40% to maximize the impact of the product and to bring focus to the beautiful and exciting details on each style. Also featuring product shot against bright and clean backgrounds, the new Diamond packaging graphics are sure to grab the consumer’s attention in stores.

“We are extremely excited and proud about the enhancement of our Black Diamond packaging graphics because we believe that the larger imagery will truly be impactful at the store level,” cites Lar Hovsepian, Director of Marketing for Dreamgirl International. “The larger graphics give the appearance of a taller box creating an optical illusion that allows for a better representation of our product.”

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