Exsens Ships Unique Organic Collection Of Massage Oils

By on December 17, 2015

Life is busy and the team at Exsens understands. Our bodies and minds sometimes get depleted and it can be difficult to restore, replenish and reconnect with ourselves and our lover(s). To help you relax, find balance and get back in touch with your sensual desires, Exsens has announced a collection of crystal infused massage oils that are made with organic ingredients called the “Crystal Collection”.

Through creative evolution and 100% natural ingredients, the Exsens team has formulated 3 massage oils using semi-precious and natural stones which are ideal for daily skin care , massage and holistic sexual healing. The “Crystal Collection” contains special properties that can positively affect ones well-being.

Amber Jojoba Oil revitalizes and promotes sacred sexuality. Jojoba oil softens and nourishes your skin. Amber stones bring body and mind into harmony by increasing the energy in our pleasure center. Rediscover pleasure with this harmonizing oil.

Amethyst Sweet Almond Oil relaxes your mind and body so you may be open to erotic pleasures. Sweet Almond oil relieves and moisturizes your skin. Amethyst semi-precious stones help the Heart Chakra open, allowing us to experience deeper intimacy. Enjoy stress-free sensuality and eroticism with this relaxing oil.

Garnet Argan Oil increases sensuality by aiding in releasing inhibitions. The Argan oil regenerates and protects your skin. Garnet semi-precious stones encourage confident sexual expression and transmit positive energy. Let your barriers down and ignite your passion with this sensual oil.

These special oils are available now to order. Please contact Krystal Medeiros at Exsens for further information by emailing exsens@technic.com or calling 401 – 781 -6100 ext 1762

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