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By on January 18, 2018

Jack Romanski and his wife were just an ordinary, sexually-adventurous couple, looking for new ways to spice up their sex lives. But upon visiting a sex-shop they were disappointed to find that sex-toys all seemed to be the same.

As an engineer specializing in silicones for space industry, an idea suddenly occurred to Jack: he could create a new toy, a different toy that would break the industry mould and help women experience new kinds of pleasure.That is how the first products was invented (Gvibe2) and how the company started.

How and to what countries are you selling to?
We are selling all around the world from Brasil to Australia to Russia to Canada; we have distributors in all these countries.

In terms of growth, where do you see yourselves now?
Our brand is receiving day by day more recognition; we are a young company and the adult industry, retailers and the final customer appreciate our passion and our products as well. One of the reasons why we are growing year after year is certainly thanks to the company inventor Jack Romanski and his amazing toy inventions that have excellent value, superior quality and reasonable price

How do you promote and create awareness for your brand?
When you have amazing products half of the game is done; ft london team think about the rest. Elena Mirosedina is a famous sensual artist that since the beginning helped the company with packaging design and amazing artistic drawings.

Jack is a very creative person and our video commercial and editing are known and very much appreciated. Have a look at our web site! We take part in as many trade shows we can and we have a Brand Ambassador program that is successful to distributors and retailers.

How do you handle the price positioning of your brand?
When competition is unfair this is harmful to everyone but if prices are respected then the issue is different. The market is evolving and only time will tell us who was right.

As a producer, when competition is unfair, we try to reap the rights of the images used, which belong to us. I wish it was clear that we still try to do everything possible in fraudulent cases.

What percentage of your product do you think is sold online vs brick and mortar stores?
This is difficult to quantify; we currently sell exclusively to distributors and therefore we do not have any contacts with wholesalers and dealers from this point of view.

What can you tell us about working with retailers?
As I said before, we have a Brand Ambassador program that deals with the needs of retailers. We offer store training in their stores or via Skype; we have a section of information material in a special section of our site which password can be requested from us and we offer a customer service telephone service and email. Also, all of our products have a one-year warranty, but I also have to say that we have very few issues so far.

What can you tell us about working with distributors?
We have always been very helpful with our distributors and them to us. Most of the distributors we work with are telling us about their needs and we are trying to satisfy them.

Cyclically we visit them to inform them about our products and to form their sales force. I must say that professional relationships are more than good. We ask them to buy the whole line; that the relationship is as durable as possible and to promote the brand through their channels.

What are some of your best selling items?
The ft london collection is highly appreciated; our best sellers are the Gvibe2 that can guarantee orgasms, Gjack2 with its innovative Bioskin-like human skin material, not to forget Gball2 with Kegel training apps and even our fantastic butt plugs with remote control. Every ft london product is unique and Jack Romanski designs them with a manic care!

How has the global market in terms of distribution and retail evolved?
Being a competitive distributor is increasingly difficult as a result; but in our world-wide meetings there are new and innovative ideas; We feel that we are sensitive to perceiving where and on what products demand moves the market; but I repeat that, since we are not distributors, these are dynamics to us a bit distant even if we are trying to analyze them.

Regarding Retailers, we have noticed a transformation into more professional and better maintained environments; from love boutique to mega store the final customer in most cases receives professional attention and care.
Are there any country specific trends globally or are some countries more receptive to certain product categories over others?

Certainly there are differences at a global level but are determined by the socio-cultural evolution of a geographic area respect to another one. For example, in Germany, the BDSM sector undoubtedly has many supporters while in Brazil anal sex is not publicly seen in a positive way.

As far as global trends are concerned, they are the ones that are perceived at promotion level in specialized journals. Virtual Reality … bondage techniques by ropes … and as far as the possibility of having a product that can be used by both components of a couple or a group.

What brands/product categories are you now manufacturing and how did you select these?
This part of work is entirely handled by Jack Romanski; its goal is to create new products that are not yet created, for the pleasure of the individual and the couple. He was the inventor of design sex toys with Gvibe and now he is moving with his recent discovery, Bioskin, with whom he has already made some products but others will still come!

Tell us about the your manufacturing process?
To get a premium product like ft london requires a lot of commitment; supervising every aspect of production is paramount; important capital is used for this and the possibility of some problem is on the agenda! Then there are shipments worldwide that are made by third parties and even in this case, we do not handle this sector directly, we have to rely on third-party companies that can guarantee an excellent result.

What legal and compliance issues are there to deal with in regard to manufacturing?
There are local and international certifications to which we must observe; a new law on lithium batteries has recently been introduced. We have international people and our distributors who inform us of the situation in their area of expertise. As far as ft london, all international regulations are respected.

Tell us about your staff resources, how many do you have now, and in what sectors?
The main staff currently consists of 6 people. Then there are external collaborations. We have been among the first companies to introduce the Brand Ambassador service and others we are going to create; the ultimate customer service that differs from our competitors and a particular eye to the promotion of our products from an advertising standpoint.

As far as sales are concerned, we have acquired two warehouses, one in Holland and one in the United States that allow our distributors to get the goods with less problems and costs.

Where do you see the company now and where would you like it to be in 5 years?
Our goal is to be able to present a unique and more innovative product line. The desire is to create an ever greater brand recognition and to see our products in more stores and homes of end users!

Company Name: ft london llp
Founder/Owner/Director: Jack Romanski
Founding Year: 2012
City : London
Staff Count : 6
URL: www.gvibe.com

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