Fresh Feminine and Sexy – New Look Frenzy

By on November 10, 2020

Queensland, AU – Frenzy and Frenzy Extreme, two of Sensuous’ best selling products get a complete make over, making them look fresh, feminine and sexy.

The new look of these clitoral stimulants is wildly different to before and the products look like they would not be out of place on the shelves of an upmarket boutique perfumery.

Owner and joint founder of the company, Keith Jones, said that he was extremely pleased with the new look.

“Frenzy and Frenzy Extreme were two of the first products we ever developed and for over ten years they have been highly successful for us.  When the idea came up to change the look, we did agonize over whether we were doing the right thing.  It was a case of if it’s not broke why fix it?

“Well we thought we could give it a go and if we didn’t like the new look, we didn’t have to make the change.  When we saw what our designer came up with we were blown away.  It was not just a small change, but a totally new fresh look, with great feminine appeal.

“Once we had seen the designs, we had no hesitation in going ahead and when we finally received the packaging, we couldn’t have been happier.”

Frenzy and Frenzy Extreme also came in Point of Sale units.  We asked if they had been updated too?

“Absolutely, and again we are delighted.  Most of our customers buy the products in the POS unit, so that had to be done to compliment the new style.”

“The new look is very stylish, modern and we couldn’t be happier.”

The new look Frenzy and Frenzy Extreme are shipping now.

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