Kheper Release All Dicks Penis Straws and Flashy Naughty Veil

By on April 22, 2022

Seattle, WA – Kheper Games, Inc. is proud to announce a new addition as part of their Progress line, that utilizes the Progress Flag in their designs. All Dicks Penis Straws incorporates the licensed Progress Flag in the packaging, and includes all 11 flag colors for the straw colors.  

“We have seen a great success already in our new line of Progress items” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “It made sense to quickly follow up the games with penis-shaped candy, and now the straws.  The games, candy and straws allow for retailers to offer something for EVERYONE, since the progress flag incorporates trans and LGBTQ+ people of color into the pride flag design.   Many groups have felt overlooked in the past, both at pride celebrations and with the products offered to them in adult stores.   We are receiving great feedback already on the items, frequent reorders, and requests to create more items with this all inclusive message.”  

The Progess Flag was introduced in 2018 and it adds the representation of trans people and LQBTQ+ people of color to the traditional pride flag.  Its use has become increasing popular during pride celebrations and has become the one displayed prominently in cities such as Seattle, during their 2021 Pride Week.

Kheper Games is also proud to launch the new Flashy Naughty Veil.   It is a second veil sku for Kheper Games and extends the Naughty Veil line to a larger gold and silver confetti option.   The original incorporates pink, purple and blue in its design.  They have also updated their Naughty Tiara to be one solid piece, so it is sturdier to use.

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