Kheper Launch Rainbow Pecker Candies

By on April 29, 2022

Seattle, CA – Kheper, Inc. is proud to announce a sweet addition as part of their new adult candy line, Rainbow Pecker Candies. The pack of 6 marshmallow candies has a vibrantly colored candy for each of the six main colors of a rainbow.  Each is flavored to match their respective colors with the flavors of: Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Apple, Blue Raspberry, and Grape.  

“We are thrilled to be launching this item well in time for Pride and wedding night-before party seasons” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “Our Rainbow Dick Suckers perform the best of our candies because stores love how colorful they are to display.  Also, they work for any type of party, and not just pride parties.  People love the diversity of the 6-packs of candies and also the variety of flavors in one set.  People sharing the set get to pick either their favorite colors or favorite flavor, with the positive message the pride flag inspires as well”  

The Rainbow Pecker Candies are very similar to a popular Easter treat that everyone either loves or hates.  This set however is not just “sugar flavored” but was designed to be very delicious and everyone who has sampled the items in 2022 so far, has been in love with the design and flavors.  Kheper is very happy to share samples to interested buyers and extra ones for tasting. 

Kheper, Inc. has an extensive line of many adult candies and edibles, including: Popping Dick Sucker, All Dicks Penis Candy, Laid! Gum, F*ck You and F*ck You Covid-19 Suckers, multiple flavors of edible pasties, and Rainbow Dick Suckers.

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