Kheper Launch New GumBALLS

By on July 3, 2019

Seattle, WA -Kheper, Inc. is excited to announce that it is expanding its line of edibles and gums to now include GumBALLS.

GumBALLS is a very tongue in cheek bag of 24 pieces of mouth-watering gumballs. Each GumBALL has a set of testicles printed on it. Half of the pack is grape-flavored and the other half is strawberry. They are perfect for bride-to-be and other adult parties, as each guest can select their own favorite flavor of gum. Each gum ball is 1 inch wide and weighs 9 grams. Made with real sugar and only 29 calories per piece.

“Fans of our Laid! Gum have been asking us what else we can do with novelty gum in a market full of so many adult candy options.” Explains CEO Brian Pellham. “They’re cute, funny and flavorful. We always make certain that our candies and gums are as delicious as they are funny.”

Kheper, Inc. has an extensive line of edibles and gum products; including: F*ck You Sucker, Rainbow Dick Suckers (6 pack and fishbowl options), Laid! Gum, Cherry Pasties, Candy Cane Pasties, Gingerbread Woman Pasties, Shamrock Pasties, Strawberry Pasties, Heart Pasties, and Beer Pasties.

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