LELO Captures the Mass Market in Germany

By on May 12, 2017

Stockholm/ San Jose/ Melbourne – LELO this month proudly became one of the first pleasure brands stocked in the online shop at MediaMarkt, Germany’s electronic specialist number one, a new sign of the growing mainstream appeal of pleasure objects.

Mediamarkt.de offers the whole LELO product range to their customers.

LELO’s long reputation as a luxury designer makes the brand an attractive partner for the current diversification for MediaMarkt online shop.

There is a very encouraging trend across Europe for bringing the most beautiful sex toys out of the traditional sex shops and installing them alongside more mundane, more everyday products, like electronics. Here, they are positioned as household items, rather than objects to hide.

This is a change in attitude very much led by LELO. After all, LELO has already secured similar placements in mainstream stores across Europe, from LuisViaRoma in Italy to Selfridges in London, as well as Muller in Croatia and many more besides.

LELO CMO Steve Thomson said: “It’s always a pleasure to see products as sexy as LELO’s alongside the most everyday things like washing machines. It goes to show that LELO is as much a part of a normal, healthy lifestyle as anything else. That’s very rewarding. We’ve always done more than pleasure products, including design awards and so on, so we are the most mainstream pleasure brand in the world, and this partnership confirms that.”


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