Lora DiCarlo Issues Response to WOW Tech Lawsuit

By on January 13, 2021

Bend, OR — In response to the recent lawsuit filed against us by WOW Tech Group: Lora DiCarlo remains committed to our engineering initiatives and innovative sex tech. We value and respect the intellectual property of others within the sexual health and wellness industry.  

Additionally, Lora DiCarlo believes in open and fair competition based on high quality products, excellent customer service, and value-driven sexual health education. We welcome innovation, and embrace competition in sex tech. 

As in any industry, there are times when sex tech product brands get into intellectual property disputes. Recently, WOW Tech sued Lora DiCarlo for patent infringement. Lora DiCarlo denies these claims and will vigorously defend ourselves in court. Our products implement technology that we own, and we warrant that our products do not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others.

Immediately after filing its case, WOW Tech revealed the real reason it filed suit: to use the case to threaten our distributors and retailers in a repugnant display of anti-competitive practices. We believe our distributors and retailers have the right to work with any brand that they choose, based on the best interest of their customers.

In the highly unlikely event that a Lora DiCarlo product is found to infringe a patent, we will take back any offending products and issue a credit to our valued retailers.

Lora DiCarlo appreciates the support from our distributor and retail partners in our first year on the market. We sincerely thank those who took a chance on a new brand, and continue to invest their faith in our efforts.  


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