Michael Bassett Founds Lonbrook

By on January 7, 2015

MELBOURNE, Australia.  Michael Bassett, former CEO of Calvista Australia, has founded new Australian adult pleasure product distribution company, Lonbrook Pty Ltd.

With its’ warehouse and office in Melbourne, Lonbrook holds inventory locally, and provides service and support to the regions’ adult retailers.

Offering the best and latest in adult novelty/toys and lingerie, Lonbrook’s goal is to provide maximum brand exposure at the retail point of sale and leverage sales using fast to market delivery, solid industry experience and accurate and efficient systems and procedures.

“It will take us a few more weeks to become fully operational, it’s a great set up and we have wonderful people on board. It’s a refreshing new start for me and one that I am very passionate about. I devote a lot of time and energy to my projects and this one is an absolute gem! I’m really looking forward to the excitement, the new products, satisfied customers and the business expansion ahead”, states Lonbrook Director, Michael Bassett.

Michael can be contacted at michael.bassett@lonbrook.com

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