Michelle Turner- HGC Australia

By on July 1, 2015
Michelle Turner

Living in Bendigo, I needed an employment change and spread my resume across the town. I remember standing outside the Club X store, shrugging my shoulders, and thinking, why not?  In 2003 I was employed as a casual staff member. Shortly after I moved back to Melbourne I worked at multiple Club X locations leading into managing a variety of the stores including the new concept store “Twisted Toys”.

A typical day

Every location has its own ‘typical day’. It’s funny how the customer demographic changes from store to store whether it be because of its services, its discreet entry or the staff working there. I don’t think I have ever classed any day as ‘typical’ in the industry….I was always ready for the unexpected, and certainly learnt you can’t stereotype. I started to realise, ‘T-shirts to business suits, 18yo-118yo’.  If you stopped & relaxed, and thought it may have been a ‘typical’ day…..a customer would throw you a ‘curve ball’ with that unexpected question or story! Oh, the customers LOVE to tell you stories!!!

The most significant influence in my working career was/is

Everyone around me. The Adult industry is such (a possibly unexpected) amazing assortment of staff managers, reps, wholesalers and general people that make working so much more ‘colourful’ than so many other industries!

I’m most proud of

Managing the Twisted Toys store & maintaining a great atmosphere where customers loved to come back to shop, and regularly told us that, and brought their friends!

One of the most memorable moments was

Every Sexpo! Working with an awesome crew of Club X staff from across Australia, all the other Sexpo exhibitors and meeting an assortment of shoppers from ALL walks of life across Australia! And drinks at the end of a 14hour day, every day, for 5 days, usually comes with many memorable moments that come with the rules, “what happens at Sexpo, stays at Sexpo!” Sorry! Lol!

Last book I read

Um *giggle*, honestly, – ‘Thomas the Tanks story collection, ’- I still have a few more to get through though!

All the books I read are for my toddler these days!

Favourite movie/TV show

I was a latecomer to Breaking Bad and ended up watching the whole series one after the other becoming very addicted.

What would most people not know about me

Um, not much! I have a pretty big mouth and am pretty transparent, what you see (or hear) is what you get!

My favourite place

Home. My place, my rules, my track suit pants…… Perfect!

What I like best about my job

Laughing. Over 12 years I have become great friends with many that I work around and love being able to enjoy what I do.

If I could change one thing

My ability, position and power to be able to change things that would be normally considered impossible to change.  Although, I think that might be cheating, like wishing for more wishes?

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