More ‘Bedroom Amusement’ From Male Power

By on February 24, 2018

Male Power puts the “play” back in foreplay with four new styles of ever-popular Novelty underwear. Initially unveiled in the recently published Male Power Supplement, Volume 2, these naughty, bawdy garments are the latest additions to one of the company’s trademark lines, first introduced back in 1974. As they say, “everything old is blue again.”

Choke The Chicken Bikini, the first of these tasteful offerings, is designed “for the guy who wants to get laid”; in other words, for the entire male species. It displays a brightly colored face, a beak with easy access opening, and felt embellishments. Add a low cut waist, full rear coverage and comfortable, all-way stretch poly spandex fabrication. It’s the perfect bird when you’re up to something fowl.

Bad Ass Panda Bikini is even cuter than the real thing. It comes with a plush stuffed head and nylon spandex expandable tongue, which serves as a pouch and is nestled within soft cushioning to ensure comfort and enjoyment. A low cut waist, full rear coverage and all-way stretch nylon spandex provide a “one size” fit for the man who can “bearly” contain himself. Spice up your love life with this exotic piece of wildlife, something brand new for your big bamboo.

The Mr. PeckerHead Thong is aptly named and practically self explanatory. Enjoy its open, crotchless front with strappy elastic C-ring attachment. Wobbly eyes and a fringe of feathers give this cock a birdlike appearance. A low cut waist, classic two inch thong back and all-way stretch poly spandex provide the one size fit. Of course, the prouder the pecker, the bigger this bird becomes.

The Super Hero Thong is a real marvel. Just in case things get a bit blasé in the bedroom, Male Power comes to the rescue. This devishly daring, costume-like underwear features a flap in the rear to emulate a superhero’s cape. A low rise waist and slim, one inch thong back are outlined with plush, elastic black trim. The garment is made with all-way stretch poly spandex for a life-saving, one size fit, in color choices of black or red. An imprinted MP logo in back and brightly colored “Let’s Bang” slogan in front send a subtle message to your partner: you’ll be flying high tonight.

Novelty underwear deserves novel packaging, and Male Power meets the challenge. All styles are sold in creative cartoon boxes, with blazingly colorful graphics and naughty tag lines. They make great gag gifts for anniversaries, bachelor parties, birthdays, holidays, or any day when a more conventional undergarment just won’t do. See the entire collection at:

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