New Zealanders Enjoying Self-Love in Lockdown

By on May 21, 2020

Wellington, NZ – A snap lockdown sex survey has revealed New Zealanders have been enjoying their alone time in the six weeks of Level Three and Level Four lockdown.

More than 1000 people answered questions in a survey by retailer Adulttoymegastore over the weekend.

Around 26% of New Zealanders said they were not able to have sex while in lockdown which might explain the record sales of adult toys in the country. Respondents found their sex lives changed a lot due to lockdown, with 41% of respondents saying they’d had less sex. Only 18% of respondents said they’d had more sex and 38% said they’d had the same amount.

The main explanation for less sex was “I’m in a bubble on my own” (23%) and “My partner is in another bubble” (20%). Other reasons for having less sex were being stressed, tired, and not being able to get away from their children.

But while New Zealanders are having less sex, masturbation is up with a whopping 88% of respondents saying they’ve been masturbating in lockdown. Almost 38% of respondents said they were masturbating “every other day” and 16% said they were masturbating every day.

New Zealand has seen record sales of adult toys throughout the lockdown.

“Toys have been flying out the door. It’s a sign that people stuck to their bubbles and kept safe. I think over the weekend there will have been a lot of bubble bursting in level two with people finally getting to see their partners after up to eight weeks apart,” says Head of Customer Satisfaction at Adulttoymegastore Sophie McGrath.

“Sex toys are becoming more and more mainstream and the stigma around masturbation is breaking down which is really great to see. During the lockdown New Zealanders took their responsibilities seriously and stayed inside even if their partner wasn’t in their bubble.”

“We are pleased to see they have waited until level two to see their partners, and that they’ve used toys or enjoyed some self-love in self-isolation to keep safe.”

Adulttoymegastore owner and operator Nicola Relph says sales have been high world-wide.

“We have seen a number of surges in sales over the last few months and that has continued. Media coverage around the world of New Zealand’s response to Covid-19 is possibly why so many people are buying from us from US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Hygiene protocols are really strict here for us so it might be reassuring to people wanting to order,” Mrs Relph says.

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