Peekaboo Pasties Adds To Line With Premium Sequin Pasties

By on August 24, 2016

Horsham, PA – New items from Peekaboo Pasties are now shipping from Xgen Products.

Peekaboo Pasties has added sequin pasties with tassels to their body art line. These sleek and fashionable pasties come in many different colors and styles, giving the customer the freedom to express themselves.

“This is a great follow-up to the recent release of the sayings pasties from Peekaboo,” said Andy Green, President of Xgen Products. “These new styles are great for club wear, stage performances, underneath more revealing fashions, and anything you can think of in between.”

The new line of pasties has 14 new styles, and each package contains one pair of pasties. Customers will also get the same great self-adhesive technology and fabric composition they’ve come to expect from Peekaboo Pasties.

Call your Xgen representative today to order the new Peekaboo Premium Sequin Pasties and be sure to ask about their other lines of pasties, body jewelry, and body crystals.

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