pjur Launches “More SAFETY” Campaign

By on May 13, 2020

Wasserbillig/Luxembourg – For around two months now, pjur has been dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and its effects on employee health, production, supply chains, retail partners and sales channels. Throughout all of this, one thing has become very clear: The company’s unwavering focus on quality and safety is paying off. pjur is putting the spotlight firmly on these cornerstones of its corporate philosophy as part of its “more SAFETY” campaign.

“As a global company, we want to step up to our responsibility towards our partners, employees and consumers by drawing on our core values of quality and safety,” clarifies Alexander Giebel, CEO and Founder of pjur.

The campaign brings together three key areas that the company has been focusing on in recent weeks. Firstly, its decision to rapidly switch production to hand sanitiser, which it has launched under the brand name pjur DESINFECT. Secondly, the free PoS kit, which contains information for dealers such as tips on how correctly disinfect hands. And thirdly, supplying pjur cloth masks to pjur customers starting end of May/ beginning of June.

“The main reason for wearing a mask is not to protect yourself, but to protect others. In this way, we can all do our bit to prevent others from being infected and help break the chain of infection. This solidarity is more important than ever because we can only get through this crisis if we all pull together,” explains Alexander Giebel.

The stylish, double-layered masks are made of black microfibre fabric and recycled thread and feature a yellow slogan. The ear loops can be individually adjusted, making the masks very comfortable to wear. The masks are machine washable at 60 – 90 degrees and can therefore be re-used as often as necessary.

Wearing these kinds of masks reduces the amount of saliva droplets sprayed into the air when speaking or coughing. This can protect others and also reduce the wearer’s exposure to viruses and bacteria that may be present in the air.

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