plusOne® Completes Four-Week Clinical Trials on Sexual Wellness Products and Depression/Anxiety

By on November 9, 2021

Newton, MA – Popular sexual wellness brand plusOne®, in partnership with International Research Services Inc. (IRSI), recently completed a four-week clinical study to assess the effects of masturbation and orgasm on depression and anxiety. A cross-section of 44 women with a medical diagnosis of depression and/or anxiety were instructed to regularly utilize one of six plusOne products, including the Vibrating Bullet,Personal Massager, Dual Vibrating Massager, Vibrating Wand, Air Pulsing Arouser and Mini Massager.  Below are the amazing results upon completion of the clinical study: 

  • 64% of women felt less bothered by feeling nervous, anxious or on edge for no apparent reason, and unable to control worrying
  • 64% of women felt less bothered by feeling tired or having little energy
  • 70% of women felt less bothered by feeling down, depressed or hopeless
  • 75% of women felt more loving and appreciative towards themselves
  • 82% of women were able to relax and enjoy alone time more than they had before

 “The results of this clinical research serve to drive the point home that regular use of sexual wellness devices – plusOne products specifically – significantly improves mental health in women through simple masturbation and orgasm,” said a representative of Clio®, the parent company behind plusOne. “With these studies, our mission is better to understand the positive impact of sexual wellness devices and eliminate the taboos surrounding them. It’s worth opening up a conversation about the real benefits of using them to relieve mental, emotional, and physiological issues currently affecting our society.”

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