Rascal Shipping All-New Rascal D-Ring X3

By on October 4, 2017

Los Angeles, CA – Channel 1 Releasing is pleased to announce the all-new Rascal D-Ring X3 and D-Ring Glow X3 have arrived into the warehouse and are shipping this week. The Brawn Pride which which had a limited release in June, is also shipping this week.

Extra thick and comfortable the D-Ring X3 contains the 3 perfect size donut rings. Each kit contains a black, clear, and smoke colored ring, intended to be worn around cock, balls or both. They are made of super strong and stretchy TPE and are phthalate free. The D-Ring X3 are soft, stretchy, easy to get on, and help you keep a firm and hard erection. the D-Ring Glow X3 contains a blue, orange, and yellow ring that all glow in the dark.

The Brawn Pride is a powerful, and stunning beefy cock ring made of 100% soft touch silicone. The Brawn Pride is made for comfort and durability with a soft feel and non-roll design. Its’ thick girth gives the user a more powerful erection. The 3X stretch allows for 1 size to be used over cock, balls or both. The Brawn Pride features all six colors of the pride flag rainbow.

For further information, contact your distributor or Rascal directly.

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