Rebecca Djentuh-Davis – D.VICE Melbourne

By on November 11, 2015

It was perfect night time hours for me when I was studying film back in New Zealand. I loved my part time job and eventually graduated to full time work. This was about 5 years ago

A typical day Start the day with a coffee from the local, then I check the store to see what has been sold the night before, store admin paperwork before I open the store. I generally have friends who pop in to visit, but also because it is my place of work, they tend to actually ask some personal questions and before you know it, they are purchasing our products. End the day tidying the store, close up and go home! I also research new and upcoming toys
The most significant influence in my working career was/is Firstly it was my first manager Marina Hiroki. She was the one that made me step up my game when it came to sales and interacting with the customer. From just selling a product to ensuring the customer was purchasing the right product for them and made it fun! Then Jiz Lee, because promoting safe queer sex is paramount in this industry

I’m most proud of the feeling I get when I know a customer is walking away with a new experience. Also the wash of relief when a customer asks me a ‘weird question’ but assure them that it’s not.

One of the most memorable moments was A woman came in and said her husband was flying in and she wanted to surprise him with some nice lingerie. She had, had a miscarriage and was feeling very insecure about her body. So we spent some time in the store talking about what made her feel sexy, and looked at some lovely pieces that were ACTUALLY plus size. After a few were tried on, I could hear sobbing in the changing room. She felt beautiful again. She tried to tip me but knowing she was happy was good enough.

Last book I read I rarely pick up a book now thanks to the internet and online books. In saying that the last one I read was the biography of Nelson Mandela.

Favourite movie/TV show Been watching Wentworth religiously. Also Ru Paul’s Drag race. I notice they have a few lingerie pieces we sell in the store in some of their challenges

What would most people not know about me In my spare time I organize qPoc events that fundraise for non-government funded organisations. It’s a pretty big leap from adult store assistant to charity organiser.

My favourite place Believe me when I say this. It is either at work or at my events I organize. Being surrounded by things you truly believe in is bliss.

What I like best about my job
Checking out all the new products that come in. And if I really like them I purchase them myself and find sales go up when you actually have on hand experience with the toys. Sometimes what is said on the back is just the tip of the iceberg for the product

If I could change one thing I would change how EVERYONE thought about adult stores. That it’s a place to get some advice and not a place to make fun of those who are in the store. We all deserve non-judgement when entering a store, especially if I can help it.

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