René Rofé Lingerie/International Intimates Inc.

By on March 6, 2019

René Rofé is a top intimate apparel manufacturer founded in 1986 by President and CEO René Rofé. The company designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of lingerie and intimate apparel, including panties, bras, apparel sets, daywear, sleepwear, corsets, camisoles, teddies, negligées, sexy packaged lingerie, hosiery, and swimwear, with sales exceeding $100 million annually.

The company maintains large, modern offices in the heart of Manhattan’s Garment District. These offices house numerous product showrooms and meeting rooms, the executive and sales staff, the design and merchandising staff, and the order entry and US production teams; in sum, over 100 full-time personnel.
The company also operates a state-of-the-art 180,000 square foot warehouse and distribution facility located in nearby Dayton, NJ, with over 125 full-time personnel. All merchandise receiving, inspection, storage, ticketing, picking, packing and shipping are performed at this location. At peak, the warehouse ships more than 90,000 dozen units per week.

The warehouse is equipped with a wireless inventory management system, a ¼-mile long conveyor system with sorting capabilities, and a 40,000 square foot staging area.

Sales Channels
René Rofé is sold in over 100 countries globally. At heart, René Rofé is a manufacturer/wholesaler. Our dynamic, experienced sales team maintains top-level relationships with major retailers and distributors, and the company’s ability to provide on-trend value at attractive price points keeps those relationships thriving.

Market Trend
This is a conservative time for retailers, but lingerie and undergarments are necessary, both from a utilitarian point of view, and as a pleasure product. We have found that even during times of global economic instability, people buy lingerie. So the company will continue to stick to the ethic of creating apparel customers want at prices they will pay; after all, it’s kept us profitable every year since 1986.

Awareness and Promotion
We are widely known in the industry. We do a few key US trade shows, and we create visual branding campaigns for our top in-house brands that we deploy on social media. But usually we find our reputation precedes us as a top lingerie manufacturer.

Online versus Physical Store Sales
30%/70% respectively, but the scales are tipping.

Retailer Support
If someone tells you price rules the day, there’s something to that, but price alone can never win without value. So when the retailer puts a price point out there, we make sure we are delivering everything we possibly can, given the parameters. That goes not just for garment design, structure, and integrity, but, when needed, for the collateral material that tells the brand story: impactful visual content, brand-specific copy writing, and an ability to provide these materials to the retailer in a coherent and timely way.

Distributor Support
In a company this large, it’s essential to work with distributors to expand your market and global mindshare. When a model from Monte Negro tells us that she’s worn René Rofé Lingerie her whole life, it means that whatever discount we offered our European Distributors has been recouped in a lasting way—we now have a lifelong customer. More to your question, the international concerns are much the same as domestic when it comes to distributors, and we have a whole department dedicated to providing complete, up-to-date marketing materials to our worldwide partners.

Market Evolution
The global apparel market is going digital faster than the US market. International counterfeiting is a bigger issue than ever, and preventing infringement at a global level is virtually impossible.

Country Specific Trends
Though the trends often originate in Paris and London, America is still the leader in repackaging those trends for a global audience. And as it goes with America, in terms of our best-selling items, it goes with the rest of the world.

The Manufacturing Process
We’re not going to go into granular detail here and show you how the sausage is made, but we can say this: if there’s anything the retailer might not fully appreciate, it’s our relentless dedication to achieving the right fit. Price, marketing, style—none of that matters if the garment doesn’t actually fit and feel good. Sometimes we go through as many as six fit sessions and spec revisions before proceeding to bulk manufacturing.

Manufacturing and Labour
Fortunately, we have always used the safest, highest-rated factories since the company’s founding. The public is only now becoming truly aware of the labor inequalities present in mass production facilities the world over, but we have been fighting for fair pay and fair working conditions for a long time. One pleasant upside to this is when top retailers seek partnerships, we already have relationships with the top-rated makers.

The Future
René Rofé Lingerie will remain a global leader in lingerie and women’s apparel manufacturing. The company’s ethic—to consistently create fresh new products at competitive prices with timely delivery—has stood us well for the past 32 years, and we expect it to sustain us in the future.

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