Review- Ass-Gasm Vibrating Rabbit, Fantasy C-Ringz – Pipedream

By on February 27, 2019

Pipedream state on their website that it is, ‘The most comprehensive cock ring line in the world’. We’ve tried various products from the collection and can confirm that amongst such a broad range of cock rings there’s sure to be something to tickle every guy’s fancy – as well as their lover’s.

Cock-rings in the Fantasy C-Ringz series range from plain TPR rings through one, two, three and even four micro-bullet vibrators embedded in a complex grouping of circles…and the occasional integrated butt plug. At first glance it can be puzzling to see how some of these bewildering variations might accommodate a cock and balls.

However, as soon as I held Pipedream’s Ass-Gasm Vibrating Rabbit in my hand I knew exactly where to start: many cock rings are more comfortable worn clean-shaven, and this toy was the perfect example. One touch of the ever so slightly ‘grippy’ (i.e. pube-pulling) purple TPR had me heading straight for the bathroom – and my razor.

To make sure we were threading the correct body part through the right ring, on my wife’s insistence we watched Pipedream’s informative video of the Ass-Gasm Vibrating Rabbit. We then applied a couple of squirts of lube to help slip me through both cock rings (one for the shaft and one for the balls), adding a third squirt for the Ass-Gasm area.

The band for the balls proved a struggle, but once good to go, my wife – who had already inserted one micro-bullet in each of the Rabbit’s ears – commandeered the wired control for herself. Switching it on, the buzzing of the Ass-Gasm Vibrating Rabbit instantly felt great on my shaft, and the toy even made me feel larger due to the restrictive nature of the TPR rings – which in turn gave me an unexpected boost of confidence.

For solo and couples play the stretchy TPR could do with being significantly tougher, especially over the perineum. This would also help avoid the unnerving sensation of the plug being sucked up by the sphincter, as would the base of the plug being wider.

Although a third Bullet in the plug would have been welcome, if you need to give your erection a boost, intensify your orgasms and/ or add some clit or butt tickling into the mix, then as a performance enhancer, prostate massager, ball stretcher and perineum pressuriser, Pipedream’s Ass-Gasm Vibrating Rabbit is for you.

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