Review – Deluxe Auto Penis Pump – Size Matters

By on November 22, 2019

With its impressive roster of thirty-five brands running the alphabetical gamut from Alpha-Pro to Zeus Electrosex, Californian mothership XR Brands celebrates many a desire.

XR’s Size Matters collection provides enlargement pumps for breasts, balls, and the rest. We plumped for the Deluxe Auto Penis Pump with Mouth Sleeve, being a reassuring sterile white plastic with a ‘crystal clear chamber’. The transparent tube was ideal for ensuring the penis stayed a healthy colour under pressure, for monitoring the increase in size, and for visual titillation (amirite?).

Motorised and rechargeable, the Deluxe Auto Penis Pump featured three speeds to enhance stamina and performance, as well as to improve size. As with all vacuum devices, the DAPP worked best when the skin was shaved, as this helped improve the seal around the penis. Lube made the experience more comfortable and, if using your pump daily, we’d also recommend using a moisturiser afterward to keep yourself in peak condition.

The trick with a penis pump is not to rush the process. For us, this is where the automated suction worked so much better than the hand-pumps: the blood flow to the penis increased incrementally, making the overall experience less jarring. The three speed selections offered good scope for progression, both to get used to the vacuum sensation and as the penis enlarged over time. That said, it would be useful if XR offered different sized cylinders in addition to this 7.5” version – which in our testing actually meant a 7” extension, due to the fleshy body area at the base of the penis being sucked into the tube too.

We liked that the mouth-shaped Sleeve was removeable, firstly for hygiene reasons and secondly because it gave us more ways to enjoy the pump. The sleeve did make a difference: we were able to try it for pleasure, but for others it could made the cylinder too small. For us the pump worked best without the sleeve, although as the DAPP was reasonably heavy it was still tricky holding the pump upwards to follow the erection direction (er…).

The DAPP made me appear longer and thicker during use, which gave me a boost of confidence. I also found that the blood flow to the penis seemed to improve: in general, my erections felt firmer. However, you will need to work at the DAPP consistently to see any significant change over time; I guess it depends how much Size Matters to you.

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