Review – Mr Rabbit – Satisfyer

By on September 11, 2019

Satisfyer’s Vibes are amongst our favourite vibrators due to their fun colours (Yummy Sunshine yellow? Yes please!) and original shapes such as the Power Flower and Petting Hippo. This time it was Mr Rabbit – a pink vibrator in an attractive aqua box – that caught our eye.

As someone with physical challenges I notice when a sex toy is easier to hold, and the Vibes’ looped handles make them infinitely more accessible than your average vibrator – especially with additional lube. Likewise, having a ‘back’ button when you’re clumsy with your hands is an absolute must, so it was gratifying to see Mr Rabbit provide this option.

The blurb for Mr Rabbit says “Even if rabbits aren’t really your thing Mr. Rabbit will still make you happy”, and indeed, the silicone was sufficiently flexible to mean that it worked well with different body shapes – always a challenge as far as Rabbits are concerned. Slimmer and longer than Satisfyer’s Magic Bunny Rabbit, Mr Rabbit’s shaft could also be easily angled past the G-Spot to the A/ AFE/ or C-Spot.

The A-Spot/ Anterior Fornix Erogenous/ AFE zone, Cervix or C-Spot, is situated just under the cervix and can produce belly-busting orgasms when correctly stimulated. So as the vaginal canal becomes longer when it’s aroused and the cervix ‘tents’ slightly, you’ll need the extra length and slenderness of a product like Mr Rabbit to reach this rarely explored area.

That said, the silicone tip of the Mr Rabbit may be the perfect consistency to massage the C-Spot, but deep penetration isn’t for everyone – especially at the times of the monthly cycle when you might be already feeling particularly sore and sensitive. So, to avoid a possibly painful experience the rest of the time, remember that C-Spot stimulation is best enjoyed when already aroused, and is never about banging the cervix itself!

Since (it felt like) the two motors were both situated in the shaft, the clitoral vibrations weren’t fierce enough for us. But on the other hand, thanks to the impressively deep rumbles from the shaft itself, climax was still achievable using the Mr Rabbit as a classic clitoral vibrator against the clit. And as the clit-stim prong met the body nicely without being too yielding or too firm, you could also swap the stimulation around and enjoy the clit-stim prong against the anus instead. Mr Rabbit: a variety of options for infinite fun!

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