Review Prestige ElectraLoops – ElectraStim

By on April 19, 2017

Being fond of a cheeky TWA, I was excited to be sent a set of two unipolar Prestige Adjustable Cock ElectraLoops: rumour had it these bad boys could induce an HFO, the holy grail of all Three Word Acronyms. I’d already enjoyed the basic ElectraLoops included in Electrastim’s EM80 Flick Duo pack, but so far a Hands Free Orgasm had proved elusive. Could their upgraded Prestige version deliver?

At first glance things look promising: the Prestige Loops are significantly meatier than their predecessor, the conductive rubber tubing thicker to better grip the penis. A new feature enables the 2mm socket to be embedded within the chunky choke, which Electrastim claims, “creates a lower resistance path through the rubber which allows the user to experience the full intensity…of electro-play.” So far, so good.

The choke itself is anodized aluminium and looks super-classy in silver, gold or red, with a matching pin tucked inside the end of the loop to stop it sliding out during use. This is a really clever touch when it comes to aftercare, as you simply remove the pin to slip the rubber tubing back through the choke and give the length a proper wash.

Sliding one ElectraLoop around my testicles and another at the base of my shaft to complete the circuit, I coat electro-conductive gel around the rubber tubing of both Loops and switch on the stimulator handset: you should only turn on the controller after your electro-sex products are in place.

Beginners will need to experiment to find a position and stimulator setting that works for them. Meanwhile, more experienced users will know that one unipolar ElectraLoop combined with a unipolar butt plug (or maybe even an ElectraPad placed strategically on your partner’s most delicate body-part) contribute to complete a circuit that might just blow your mind.

Since I have a dual handset and four polar possibilities, in search of the ultimate HFO, I decide to rack up the power. Both ElectraLoops in place, and with two polars left with which to play, I have a choice between my Bi-Polar Jack Socket cock-in-a-can type Stroker or the Bi-Polar G-Spot Nona Probe. As I’m pondering this pleasant conundrum my wife decides she wants in on the action: the ElectraLoops have made my erection so hard even I’m impressed with myself!

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