Rocks Off Launches Cocktail, Dual Motor Remote Control Plug

By on August 12, 2021

Northamptonshire, UK – Well known for their innovation and style, the UK manufacturer have designed an exciting new anal plug and shaft that gives pleasure to multiple pleasure zones whilst in use by couples.

Cocktail is a really exciting product says Sales Director Sham Galoria because it has been specifically designed to pleasure the anus and vagina whilst also stimulating the penis during sex!

Without doubt we have seen interest and demand move towards more people wanting to try anal sex, the issue is that some anal products are large which is off putting to the first -time users.

Our Petite Sensations have been an exceptional range of products and they are still one of our top sellers, so we wanted to bring a product to market that would offer something that was really different for couples who wanted to enjoy anal play with a sensual difference!

Cocktail is also remote controlled with dual independent motors so you can really spice up the enjoyment with out loosing the moment.

The slim insertable shaft has a motor positioned at the tip, whilst the elegant plug gives strong vibrations which can be felt right to the top of the product.  We believe Cocktails offers a whole new dimension to anal play and we know this is going to be an inventory must have.

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