Sakura Iroha – Tenga

By on December 7, 2014
Sakura iroha- tenga

Until this year designer sex toy brand Tenga have focused on creating excellent innovative masturbation products for men. The iroha range is Tenga’s first foray into targeting the female market and it’s certainly an impressive start.

There are three attractive pastel coloured, palm-sized personal massagers in the range: the snowman shaped Yuki, the rounded Midori and the tulip shaped Sakura, which was tested for this review. All three vibrators are suitable for the stimulation of outer erogenous zones and primarily are clitoral vibrators, but the Yuki does have a small, insertable tip for shallow vaginal penetration.

The first thing to note about the Sakura is its size and texture. It sits perfectly in the palm of the hand and the rounded pebble shape makes it very comfortable to hold. Couple this with the super soft silicone that it’s made from and already the high-quality of the product shines through. The only way to describe the texture of the iroha vibrators is squidgy and supple. There are few vibrators that I know of with a texture such as this and if you’re sensitive to hard clitoral stimulators made of plastic, or a firmer silicone coating, then the iroha range may be the answer you’re looking for.

Design wise, the Sakura looks wonderfully innocent and it’s purpose is not obvious. However, it is perfectly shaped for the job. Slightly parted at the tip in a ‘V’, the Sakura completely envelopes the clitoris. Looking at it, there is certainly a resemblance of lips (or Mrs Pacman if we’re being cheeky) and that adds an extra eroticism to it, so it’s more than just a pretty looking sex toy. Apply a water-based lubricant, imagine the silicone being the softest lips ever and indulge in a bit of fantasy and it’s easy to imagine it’s more like someone, rather than something, humming against your clit. Delightful.

In total there are four vibration functions to enjoy: three constant buzzing speeds ranging from a soft to a powerful buzz and then one pulsation setting. All four functions are whisper quiet and offer a fantastic range to let you build up and come down before, during and after orgasm. Really, it’s all you need.

Controlling the Sakura couldn’t be simpler, something I always look for in a quality, designer vibrator. There are only two buttons on the base of the vibe: a ‘+’ and a ‘-‘ button. Hold the plus to turn it on and then scroll through the settings from low, medium, high and pulse, then the minus to loop back through the other way and hold down to switch it off. Both of the buttons are magnetic and are key to helping charge the iroha. When it comes to charging this is where it gets complicated, but is an excellent system and the same for all of the iroha products, so bear with me as I explain this…

When the Sakura arrives it is housed in a weighty display case, which also doubles as the charging dock. On the base of the black charging base are two magnetic prongs that are the same shape as the buttons on the vibe. Align the buttons with the prongs on the base, you’ll feel the magnets attract. A small USB port is on one side of the charging dock. A USB cable and USB plug attachment are included and in a separate box to the toy. Push the USB cable into the charging dock and then the other end either straight into your laptop or computer, or use the USB compatible plug if you’d rather charge your product from a mains socket. Having the choice of how to charge is excellent and being someone that is always around a laptop or computer, it’s a very convenient way to keep my Sakura topped up with power. Although not having experienced travelling with the Sakura, I wouldn’t say it’s hugely travel friendly. The charging base is quite heavy and it requires a micro USB cable to plug into the base connector. Forget to pack these things and there’s no other way to charge your vibe.

During charging a small light on the base will come one and when full this light will turn off, meaning it’s play time! For an iroha to fully charge it needs to be left on for about two hours and offers roughly 90 minutes of continuous running time. Obviously this will depend on what setting you use – the higher the vibration pattern, the quicker the battery will run down.

Completely waterproof, cleaning is simple. With the Sakura just make sure you wash thoroughly between the gap in the tip. As the material is non-porous and completely smooth and sealed, this is easy and shouldn’t take long at all. When not in use keep your iroha product in the case with the lid on to prevent dust or dirt getting to it.

The technology and quality you’re getting is outstanding, so if you’re serious about your play and want something truly exceptional when it comes to clitoral stimulation, then the iroha products would be an ideal addition to your toy draw. They’re also amazingly inoffensive, so if you’re considering introducing a partner or lover to sex toys, then iroha would be a perfect place to begin your experimentation. For me, Tenga have certainly made their debut to the female sex toy market a memorable one.

Rose Crompton, UK and relationship journalist,

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