Screaming O Gives ‘Johnny Dare Morning Show’ a Lesson in Sex Toy 101

By on August 18, 2016

LOS ANGELES, – Screaming O was a guest star on the Johnny Dare Morning Show last week to showcase several sex toys that had left the popular radio host inquisitive and curious to learn more. Chatting live on one of 98.9 The Rock’s most prominent programs, Screaming O Account Representative Conde Aumann schooled Johnny Dam on the ins and outs of some of the company’s best-selling products, including the Spork multi-use pleasure tool, the OBOB massager, the Vooom™ Bullet, and the SlingO cock ring sling – and may have inspired Dam and his crew to become lifelong Screaming O fans.

Initially inspired by the Spork, an unconventional yet incredibly function multi-purpose sex toy, Dam invited Aumann to explain the various ways the Spork can be enjoyed by couples. Dam especially appreciated the Spork because of its flexible forked end that can fit around the penis without the sensation of a cock ring – something of which Dam is not fan.

“This is a great idea; it’s really quite popular,” Dam said on the air. “I didn’t know that ball buzzing was a thing but apparently it’s quite nice.”

Dam and his co-hosts perused as Aumann described the beginner-friendly and welcoming nature of Screaming O mini vibes and sex toys, and Dam mentioned that unlike Screaming O products, many adult toys can be graphic or “veiny,” which can put some shoppers off. And when Aumann described new rumbling Vooom Bullets, Dam was impressed by its low-pitch, less-buzzy power.

“It’s like the Isaac Hays of bullets,” he said.

Dam and Aumann later discussed the innovative design of the SlingO cock ring with built-in perineum massage and the whimsical OBOB Battery Operated Boyfriend massager.

“By the end of the segment, it seemed like Dam and his crew were impressed not only by our array of designs elements and options, but also by the cleverness of our product names,” Aumann said. “It’s always fun to be invited to discuss Screaming O and our fun, affordable and body-safe sex toys, especially with an awesome group of people like Dam, Jake the Phone Snake, and their radio team.”

Listen to a recording of the live radio segment here.

To learn more about the Spork, Vooom Bullet and the rest of Screaming O’s lineup, please email or visit

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