Sensuous – Same Great Taste But With New Modern Look

By on March 23, 2017

Queensland, AUS, – Australian company Sensuous have given their Deluxe Body Chocolate Range a bit of a revamp with a brand new, modern look.

The company has kept the same iconic look, but updated the outer packaging to something more eye catching and chique.

“Deluxe Body Chocolate was one of the first products we ever launched,” said Keith Jones joint founder of the company, “we have come a very long way since then and we thought it was about time we looked at giving the packaging a bit of a facelift.”

“We did look at changing the packaging completely, but everything we tried didn’t seem to be as good as what we had so in the end we decided to keep the familiar shape, but give it a new, clean and modern look”.

There are three products in the Deluxe Body Chocolate range, including Kahlua and a Cointreau, all ‘Made in Australia’.

Sensuous will be featuring the new look Deluxe Body Chocolate as well as its full range of romance products at the forthcoming Adult Retail Expo in Sydney on the 3rd and 4th of April.

New look Deluxe Body Chocolate is available now and is shipping immediately. Contact or call +617 5577 3590.

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