Seth Gamble Wins Second Consecutive AVN Award for Best Leading Actor

By on February 7, 2020

Los Angeles, CA  – Seth Gamble picked up the Best Leading Actor trophy at the star-studded AVN Awards Show in Las Vegas Saturday night, collecting the esteemed prize for his role in the Adult Time feature Perspective.

The intense psychological drama from filmmaker Bree Mills, which won three AVN Awards as well, relies heavily on emotional subtext and heightened reactions throughout the story’s dialogue, and Gamble was more than excited to take on the weighty role of a obsessive husband in an unsettling relationship.

“I can’t say it enough how grateful I am… I know what goes into the voting process, and I’m glad it was seen what myself and Angela White put into Perspective,” said Gamble. “Bree Mills gave us such a story to really showcase our ability and pushed us beyond expectations, and I’m beyond grateful for that.

“This was a team effort, and with the cast and crew, and it’s hard to put the words together to really express how much gratitude I have for everyone who was involved in creating Perspective.”

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