Sex Recession: Parents Urged To Help Adult Kids Get Naked

By on February 25, 2020

Australia – Data has revealed that Australia is currently in the throes of a sex
recession with young Australians having a reported 50% less sex than their parents’ generations*1.

Determined to help the situation, Four Seasons Condoms has teamed up with sexologist Jacqueline
Hellyer to launch a limited-edition Generation Intervention Pack and Hotline to help Australian parents have The Talk 2.0 with their adult kids, to help them get back in the sack and Get Naked.

Australia’s lowered libido can be linked to a range of factors including social media, dating apps, Netflix, pornography alongside societal pressures and mental health challenges. While younger generations might be sending more nude photos, the reality is, young adults are having far less sex than any other age group*2.

The Generation Intervention:
Parents have already had the ‘Birds and the Bees’ chat with their children in their teen years, so The Talk 2.0 is a second opportunity for parents to check-in on the wellbeing of their adult children and discuss the social and emotional issues that may be affecting their libido. Parents can offer their young adults advice on navigating the world of modern dating, and the importance of having wonderful, safe and healthy sex for a happy, healthy mind.

Designed to equip parents with all the information they need to be surrogate-sex therapists for their adult kids, Four Seasons Condoms have created a ‘Generation Intervention Pack ’ , available for free to the first four hundred Australian parents to visit
The educational packs include conversation starters to have The Talk 2.0, advice that parents can give their adult children, and lubricant, a vibrating toy and a female pleasure gel. The packs also include three sizes of condoms from the Four Seasons Naked range as an important reminder for young adults to make sure they wear the right size, to avoid common issues like breakages, discomfort, accidental pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

*1 ABC Australia Talks survey 2019
*2 ABC Australia Talks survey 2019

“There’s no one better for a young adult to open up to than their parents. Times have changed and parents are more open to listening and helping than their child may think, so The Talk 2.0 is the perfect way for us parents to let our adult children know that we have their best interests at heart, and are happy to have a non-judgemental conversation. After all, who better to give life and sex advice than someone who has already been around the block?” said Four Seasons Condoms Sexologist, Jacqueline Hellyer.

The Sex Recession:
“Young adults are facing more barriers to sex than ever before. Increased social media usage is depriving them of real human connection, which means young people are more isolated than ever before and less likely to desire sex. It’s an interesting paradox where mental health issues can lower libido, but sex not only increases feelings of closeness and intimacy, it also causes the body to release endorphins which help boost confidence and enhance feelings of excitement,” explained Hellyer.

Once a force for good, social media usage can contribute to feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and
depression. With almost a quarter of young people in Australia facing mental health challenges in 2019*3, it may an indicator of a wider problem: millennials might just feel too stressed for sex. Pornography and online video games might also be to blame, being used by many as a substitute for real human contact.

“While pornography can be fine for solo sex, dependence on pornography for sexual gratification means that young adults are not experiencing the human connection that partnered sex provides, as much as they could. Building an emotional connection with another human being through sex is an innate human need, and the more young adults choose porn over real sex, the more they lose the opportunity to experience a quality connection and the health benefits it has to offer,” explains Hellyer.

“Dating apps are a part of the problem. Communicating with potential dates via text means young adults are missing out on tone, body language and human contact that comes with meeting in real life. Not to mention the biological connection which happens only when you meet potential partners in real life. Furthermore, when being selective about the type of person they want to have sex with, and presented with a stream of endless options, young adults are left feeling overwhelmed by choice paralysis, and ultimately dissatisfied,” she continued.

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