‘Shameless Sex’ Shares Fans’ Inspirational Feedback after Hosting 30-Day Challenge

By on June 12, 2019

Los Angeles, CA – ‘Shameless Sex’ podcast hosts April Lampert and Amy Baldwin have wrapped up their 30-Day Self-Pleasure Challenge for Masturbation May, and the results are in:

“People need to be masturbating every day!” says Baldwin of the eye-popping results. “We had more than 50 people participate in the Self-Pleasure Challenge – and for many of them, setting time aside to take a self-guided private tour every day led to explosive breakthroughs.

“One woman said she was never able to enjoy masturbation because of her past sexual trauma, but through the Challenge, she has finally able to relax and find pleasure. Some wrote in to say that they thought they could only orgasm from porn or sex toys… and learned they could orgasm without them.”

Many of the participants also discovered more about what their bodies liked, and in turn were finally able to communicate it with their partners; Baldwin also noted that many participants struggled with finding time in the day or being focused and present without distractions.

“Most of these people found that the practice got much easier with…well, practice!” adds Baldwin. “Just about everyone learned something important and profound… each gained more self-love, sexual empowerment and insight on what their bodies really want.”

Even with social ‘shame’ surrounding the topic, Baldwin says that her sampling of contributors – and loads of medical data – proves what everyone already knows. “Masturbation feels good, it’s good for you and – if done enthusiastically every day – it changes people’s lives for the better!

“We will DEFINITELY do this challenge again next May.”

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