Sienna Sinclaire Releases Fourth Naughty Travel Guide, “Naughty Guide To San Diego”

By on March 18, 2017

Los Angeles, CA, – Founder of the Naughty Lifestyle Empire and author of multi-award winning travel guides (Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles and Naughty Girl’s Guide to Las Vegas), Sienna Sinclaire, announces the release of her fourth sexy travel guide, Naughty Guide to San Diego.

In the fashion of her three previously published travel guides, Naughty Guide to San Diego, available now as an e-book, are 164 beautifully photographed lavish pages of sexy and fun things to do in the port city. Everything from where to find the classiest strip clubs and escorts, Mistresses, dungeons, swinger clubs, naughty massages, sex toy stores, burlesque shows and sex classes; to the sexiest and swankiest restaurants, bars, hotels and more.

What sets this book apart from her other naughty travel guides, is that readers get a free walking tour of the Gaslamp District. This one hour walk has things the reader can enjoy on their own with interesting and naughty facts researched by Sienna herself. Old historical photos, old brothels to have dinner at, sexy hotels and more.

“I decided to write this edition and include the walking tour as I’ve taken many of my Meet Up groups on this specific tour and everyone always has a blast,” says Sienna. “So I wrote it for my readers to do on their own and have just as much fun!”

Chapters in Naughty Guide to San Diego include:
• History of San Diego’s naughty side
• Walking Tour of the Gaslamp
• Nudist resorts, beaches
• Sex toy stores, pole classes, burlesque classes
• Fetish Clubs, Swingers Clubs, Dungeons, Mistresses
• Nude art classes
• Sexiest restaurants, clubs, bars, restaurants

Naughty Guide to San Diego, Naughty Guide to Vancouver, Naughty Girl’s Guide to Las Vegas and Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles are all available for purchase at:

For more information on Sienna Sinclaire and her Naughty Lifestyle Classes, please visit:

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