Siri Dahl Opens Up about Sex Work Discrimination in The Daily Beast

By on April 28, 2021

Los Angeles, CA – Siri Dahl puts a spotlight on society’s pervasive and endless vilification of sex work in a new op-ed piece for The Daily Beast, ‘‘Get a Real Job, Whore’: The Dark Reality of Sex Worker Hate’. 

The veteran adult performer, who has made her living in the industry as a content creator on & off for nearly a decade, knows all too well “how pervasive that particular mentality is. Being told to get a ‘real’ job is a regular occurrence for all sex workers. The verbal denigration we face is just one facet of our culture’s fear and hatred of sex workers. 

“Regardless of what you think of my job, there is one thing I want and, frankly, need you to understand: Sex workers have a massive impact on our economy… last year, for the first time in my life, I was able to donate significantly to causes I care about, such as racial justice, trans rights, sex worker rights, LGBTQIA+ youth programs, and my local stray cat rescue. 

“Many sex workers use their income to support their families… many of us support our chosen families, too… this is just what sex workers do for our communities, in a culture that would rather see us dead or barely surviving.”  

Dahl also notes that “it’s routine for sex workers to have trouble opening a bank account, or to have an existing bank account shut down and funds seized without warning… and, yes, we’re also far more likely to be victims of violence—sexual or otherwise. Being a sex worker in 2021 feels like I’m waking up to a new dumpster fire almost every day, and I am exhausted.

“It’s time that we stop erasing the efforts of sex workers simply because the word ‘sex’ is in our job description. If the impact of sex workers on our communities and economy were laid bare for all to see, that impact would be so undeniable that the war on sex workers would be revealed for what it truly is: hatred masquerading as salvation.”

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