SpankPay Invites Adult Performers to Make More

By on February 14, 2020

Los Angeles, CA – SpankPay, the global private crypto neo-banking system, invites performers to make more with its innovative payment processor. This new standard for personal payments uses blockchain systems to protect both privacy and income. SpankPay has debuted an informational video featuring adult star Avery Black which aims to demystify cryptocurrency while advocating for the financial freedom of sex workers. To watch the video, click here.

“I can’t think of a better way to introduce SpankPay to new users than directly from another sex worker who’s been effected by discrimentory banking policies,” said Allie Knox, VP of Sales for SpankPay. “As performers, we understand how traditional banking systems discriminate against sex workers, so explaining how important a user’s SpankPay.Me profile can be is essential. Our income should always be protected from chargebacks and shut downs, and that’s why we want to bring SpankPay to everyone in the adult industry.”

Income management with a personalized SpankPay.Me account is streamlined and simplified to create ease in financial transactions. The SpankPay dashboard tracks and stores all earnings, no matter what format, and allows users to select what to accept. All earnings can be stored as $USD and cashed out at any point, without any waiting period, or worry of market or price fluctuations.

Additionally, the sleek user interface provides ultimate personalization for every user. Public profiles allow models to sell directly from their SpankPay.Me profile, be it clips, pics, tips, physical content, or even to collect from premium subscriptions on other websites. With an individual personalized URL and a customizable page, a user’s SpankPay.Me account is theirs and theirs alone. The private and secure system lets customers making exchanges through SpankPay stay anonymous through private blockchain transactions, as opposed to receiving proof of activity on major credit card statements.

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