Sportsheets Sweeps at XBiz Executive Awards

By on January 20, 2018

Huntington Beach, CA, -Fresh off a very successful product release at ANME and the exciting welcome of Sales & Brand Developer, Chaney Cox, Sportsheets swept the XBiz executive awards with two great wins out of their four company nominations. Tom Stewart was thrilled to hear his name announced as the winner of XBiz Businessman of the year. Thanking his wife, his sister and partner, the whole Sportsheets team and his mom, who was in attendance, Tom gushed with gratitude and surprise at the great honor. Tom was also recognized, along with Scott Watkins, for his mentorship and friendship from former Sportsheets employee Benny Neff who was awarded XBiz Brand Ambassador.

The second win was a huge acknowledgement for the company as Emily Silva was awarded Account Executive of the year. This was her fourth year being nominated in this category and everyone in the room applauded greatly to hear her name announced as the winner. Stuck at home with the flu, Emily was unable to attend in person, so Kimberly Harding- Stewart, Sportsheets Sales Manager and wife of the owner Tom Stewart, accepted on her behalf. “I have never felt as much love in this industry as I have tonight,” Emily shared after learning of her win, “and that’s saying a lot because there is so much love all the time.”


As Sportsheets celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, these wins add another great start of what will be a very celebratory year for the company. “Any of these individual wins are always considered wins for the whole team as everyone is so proud of their individual and combined accomplishments to make Sportsheets the great company it is today,” explained Tom Stewart.

“We are so grateful for these honors and the recognition from XBiz, the industry, and our wonderful and loyal customers who have made all of this possible. I am so proud of my brother, Tom Stewart, and our amazing salesperson Emily Silva,” added Julie Stewart, President. “Tonight was an excellent evening for Sportsheets and for all of the other winners and nominees who work so hard to make this industry the family that it is.”

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