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By on December 7, 2014

Confused, intrigued, astonished, flabbergasted, awe-struck and dumbfounded. Just some of the adjectives that will spring to mind on a first encounter with the STRONIC EINS, a unique thrusting, pulsating vaginal penetrator that won’t require you to take your socks off before hopping into bed because it’s so strong and lifelike that it could probably do it for you!

None of the above words should be taken as a negative, any toy that can invoke such a reaction means you have to try it, so we got in touch with Fun Factory straight away to demand (politely) that they satisfy our curiosity by sending us this amazingly innovative new toy.

Meaning Strong One, the Stronic Eins is the first in a series of three new pulsating toys – as they call it – from quality German toy designer Fun Factory. It adheres to all of the characteristics we’ve come to expect from this premium European company: it’s made from quality silicone, nice and quiet, a safety lock so it doesn’t go off unexpectedly in your bedside draw, waterproof and rechargeable.

Well, you’ll be glad to hear that it definitely delivers on the ‘and then some’. Calling it the Strong One is an understatement and if you were to compare sex toys to comic book characters, this would be the Incredible Hulk – although thankfully it doesn’t come in green. Arriving ready charged and turning it on pressing the big red “FUN” button, it literally made my arm shake from wrist to shoulder. Wow, that’s some kick.

Unlike other thrusting toys on the market that work with a wave effect or an unconvincing coil spring looking thing at the head of the shaft, the Stronic Eins has a motor in the base of the toy that rocks to and fro, giving it a thrusting sensation. It really is the closest toy we’ve come across to recreating a life-like thrusting motion that you only experience if sleeping with a male or someone donning a strap on.

Once opened you’ll feel like a kid at Christmas, wanting to try everything all at once, and hell yes! So you should, because a quick scroll through the different thrusting – or should that be pulsating modes it has to offer will blow your mind. Sod the instructions, just take a moment to marvel at the sheer awesomeness of this toy and allow your face to move through the complex emotions you’ll definitely feel as you go from slow deep thrusts to short shallow pulses. Just remember to hold on tight when you ramp the speed up because it honestly will bounce out of your hand if you’re not careful.

Before your first bedroom use, we do advise you have a look at the illustrated instructions to really appreciate the length and depth of what the Stronic Eins has to offer. There are only three buttons on the toy – big red FUN button to turn it on and off, ‘+’ to scroll through the modes in one direction and ‘-‘ to head the other way – so it’s all kept nice and simple. Exactly what you need when in the throes of a solo session.

Turn on and it with start an initial thrust. Press the minus button and it will take you on a pleasure road of three algorithmic modes. Starting at a moderate speed and then slowing down to a deep, slow, thrust, of, pleasure. Depending on how you like your love making, this was easily our favourite setting.

That was until we scrolled our way back to base thrust (as we’ll call it) by pressing the plus (+) button three times. If you then decide to head off on the other, more adventurous and varied road of ‘constant’ and ‘dynamic’ road then there’s six more treats waiting at the end of it. First you hit the three constant patterns. This basically means a regular thrusting pattern but each is faster than the last. Past that are three dynamic modes – an exciting blend of thrusting, throbbing, pulsating vibrating patterns. It’s these that may well take your arm off if you don’t hold on tight, but don’t worry, although it’s powerful and we’re harping on about how strong it is, once inserted it feels right and comfortable and oh, Oh, OH so satisfying. Basically, it’s not going to damage any sensitive areas.

From short vibrations to deep pulsations, escalating thrusts and the final mode which feels like random setting and mixes it all up, it means you really can vary the sensations at the touch of a button. Well any sex session, whether with a person or a toy, is always a lot more interesting when you get to mix it up. The difference is, the Stronic Eins keeps the fast pace you want, for longer, without getting tired or achy legs. Just something to bear in mind.

Two to three hours of charge will give you about two hours of play at full power whack. As it’s made from silicone, use only with a water-based lubricant.

The only bugbear we have are that you still have to buy the magnetic charger separately. For the price it’s retailing at and currently their most expensive sex toy, you’d hope it would have the charger included. Also, it’s worth bearing in mind that this is an ideal toy for those that revel in vaginal stimulation and can forego a bit of clit stim. Despite the fact it has a raised bump at the end of the shaft, that gives it a mild rabbit appearance and lead you to think it will stimulate the clitoris, don’t let this fool you. It’s way down the bottom of the shaft and inserting that far with a thrusting motion can cause discomfort. Even if you do get down that far it means the toy is at a lower angle, and due to the motor being at the base and centre of the toy, despite it being soft silicone, it’s flexibility is nil making it impossible to bend it up towards the clitoris anyway.

Despite that this is one of the most innovative adult toys on the market at the moment and we challenge you to discover a thrusting toy that comes close to being as life-like as the Stronic Eins. If you’re a newbie to the adult toy world then consider this a great sex toy investment that will give you vaginal stimulation like nothing else out there, or if your a sex toy connoisseur then you’ll be hard pushed not to be impressed by it’s unique movement and motion. This time, curiosity really satisfied the cat.

Rose Crompton, UK and relationship journalist,

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