Topco Sales Named Gold Sponsor of Widener University ‘Careers in Sexuality’ Conference

By on October 31, 2017

Topco Sales has been named Gold Sponsor of this weekend’s 10th Annual Careers in Sexuality Conference, an event dedicated to building, shaping, and inspiring emerging professionals in the human sexuality space. As part of the partnership, conference attendees will have access to teaching tools and product donations from Topco Sales’ award-winning CyberSkin collection, made and molded directly from parts of the human body.

“Topco Sales has always led the way for realistic sex toys and it was only natural that we make our lifelike CyberSkin pieces available to the sex educators of today and tomorrow,” Topco Sales COO Autumn O’Bryan said. “It’s an honor to support Widener University and its Careers in Sexuality Conference and a pleasure to know that our award-winning materials are helping these important sexuality professionals pave the way for generations to come.”

Known for its remarkably lifelike look and feel, CyberSkin products have become go-to’s for anatomically accurate models and demo tools ideal for anatomy, oral sex, and other kinds of sex-education centric workshops. Each piece is molded directly after a part of the human body, including vulvas, clitorises and anuses, and make it easy for students to expand their understanding of how unique and one-of-a-kind the human body can be.

“The Careers in Sexuality Conference Executive Board are extremely grateful for the support and sponsorship of Topco Sales,” said Crystal S. Reed, vice-chair of the Careers in Sexuality Conference. “We are honored to have their products and services represented at our annual event. Topco Sales’ contribution not only invests in the amazing, multi-faceted work of human sexuality students and professionals, but also maintains this conference’s impactful legacy. We can’t thank them enough.”

This year’s conference theme was inspired by the culturally relevant message of Grammy-winning artist Solange’s most recent album, “A Seat at the Table,” and is intended to create space for learning, professional development, and community for emerging sexuality professionals, all with a purpose for inspiring change and impactful evolution within the field of human sexuality.

The Careers in Sexuality Conference is scheduled Nov. 3 at the Best Western at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania.

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