VirtualMate Eyes SPA-Skin Wearable Tactile Tech for VR Porn’s Future

By on October 28, 2019

Palo Alto, CA – VirtualMate, a new interactive intimacy system that integrates the virtual ‘companion’ experience alongside a multi-functional solo stroker, is looking to the future with the emergence of SPA-Skin – the world’s most realistic replication of the human touch.

Scientists in Switzerland have advanced haptic feedback tech with an ultra-thin soft-touch material only 500 nanometers thick combined with flexible liquid metal film sensors that conform to the user’s body for sensory capabilities beyond imagination.

“This ingenious material, made from two different labs under the NCCR Robotics program in Switzerland, has the potential to drastically change how we respond to touch in the virtual world,” said VirtualMate’s Jeff Dillon of the trailblazing technology.

“This tech was absolutely made for the VR porn biz, and we are the perfect partner to introduce this incredible innovation… a soft, wearable material that closely matches human skin and is customizable in a variety of ways to perfectly simulate the sense of connection through touch.”

Dillon also noted that while virtual reality has come a very long way over the years, “tactile sensations in the VR world have been lacking; this new tech can pinpoint and fine-tune the vibratory stimulation that you feel so we can realistically ‘touch’ objects in this world. This is big, big news for our industry and we can’t wait to work with this new material.”

The VirtualMate game and core system, offering VR model and porn star companions in a variety of simulated scenarios, is available now for pre-order ahead of its early 2020 release at 60% off (limited time only!) at

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