Wholesale Solutions Launches VUSH in NZ

By on May 25, 2021

New Zealand – VUSH, the Melbourne based sexual wellness company taking Instagram by storm, has partnered with Wholesale Solutions to introduce VUSH products to retailer’s shelves and pleasure-seekers bedrooms across New Zealand. 

New Zealand’s largest wholesale distributor, Wholesale Solutions, will be the sole distributor of VUSH products in the country and the organisations will work together to break the stigma around female pleasure with beauty-inspired toys that wouldn’t look out of place in any makeup collection. 

VUSH’s Senior Business Development Manager Coco Goldberg said: “By putting a beauty focused lens on everything we do, VUSH has set ourselves apart and now sits in a really unique spot in the industry. The VUSH mission is all about celebrating self-pleasure, and the introduction of a range designed to change the conversation around sex toys is an exciting addition to the sexual wellness landscape in New Zealand,” she explained.   

“We’re excited for New Zealanders to be able to walk into physical stores and see VUSH on the shelves.”

The beginner friendly VUSH range includes the Rose 2, a flexible precision point bullet vibrator, and Majesty 2, the wand vibrator that starred in Cardi B’s music video for ‘Up’. The range is fully waterproof, made of medical grade silicone, and use magnetic USB charging. The range also offers various levels of intensity and patterns for fully personalised play.
Wholesale Solutions Business and Product Development Manager Taslim Parsons said: “As one of Australasia’s largest adult toy distributors we want to ensure that global and local brands are represented in New Zealand and we’re so excited about this partnership with VUSH. We know that our retailers and their customers will love the range, and we’re looking forward to seeing VUSH products take off here and become part of the conversation around sexual wellness and the celebration of self-love,” she explained. 

“Over the past few years adult toys have become more mainstream. Self-pleasure is more openly talked about and considered to be an important part of well-being, and as a result we’re seeing products from sexual wellness brands like VUSH being sold outside of adult retail, which is very exciting as what it represents a shift in perceptions around adult toys and pleasure.”


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