Zumio Now Shipping Model E Featuring Elliptical Rotation

By on May 4, 2020

Ottawa, CAN – Zumio is pleased to announce they are now shipping their newest offering: the Zumio E. The innovative Zumio E, the brand’s first release featuring an innovative elliptical rotation pattern, complements the company’s existing offerings: the Zumio X and the Zumio S.

Whereas the models X and S functioned with circular rotation, varying in intensity, the Zumio E offers a “new spin” on exploration. The Zumio E features a curved, rigid stem and small asymmetrical SpiroTip™ tip that offers high precision stimulation, without the buzzing or numbing sensation sometimes caused by vibration. These features, coupled with Zumio E’s high-impact black casing, are certain to appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

Zumio E features eight speeds for customizable pleasure and is 100% waterproof. Just like Models X and S, Zumio E has been specially designed to adjust its intensity depending on the amount of pressure that’s applied. Push gently for rapid rotation and intensity, or push harder for slower, deeper, and more intense stimulation.

“This is exciting territory for us here at Zumio!” explains Joan Highet, Zumio’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The Zumio E offers consumers a whole new way to customize their exploration and pleasure.”

The Zumio E retails for $98, reflecting the consumer-beneficial price reduction Zumio recently enacted for all its products. All Zumio products come with a comprehensive one-year warranty for added consumer confidence.

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