ORION Sex Report 2019

By on July 5, 2019

Flensburg. DE – ORION asked and almost 14,000 people answered! The result is the big ORION sex report 2019 that is all about masturbation and sex toys. And let us tell you this, it reveals a lot of surprising results.

How do the Germans tick when it comes to sex toys & masturbation? The erotic specialist ORION was curious and has therefore used the media available to the company to take a look inside toy boxes, ask for shopping preferences but also find out where the participants prefer to be touched, how often they touch themselves and what kind of aid they use to please themselves or their partner.

The results are a colourful, varied, partially surprising, but in any case, very erotic potpourri that proves: love, eroticism and the world of sex toys are multifaceted and everyone enjoys them their own way.

The look inside the German’s toy boxes reveals that 50% of the participants have one to five sex toys in their nightstand, 23% own six to ten pleasure-givers and 10% even up to 20. 5% have an even greater collection while 10% stated that they own no sex toy at all.

The pole position belongs to the humming and buzzing vibrator: 75% of the participants stated that they own one. Ranked second, with a large margin, is the dildo, which can be found in at least 54% of the households. However, the cock ring makes a very close third place. The small but effective helper is part of the sex toy inventory of half of the participants. There is also a growing trend for joy toys for the backdoor: 36% of all participants own an anal toy – the younger they are, the more often they have one. Quite surprising is the result for men’s toys like masturbators and prostate toys – they barely made the top 10 although more than half of the participants were male. It seems that men who stated that they own a sex toy were also talking about the toys that belong to them and their partner equally – such as dildos and vibrators.

Playful variation comes in first place for most of the sex toy users: almost two thirds of all participants stated that they like to experiment with sex toys, use them to freshen up their relationship or to just enjoy some intimate moments with themselves. Surprisingly enough, the desire to experiment is predominant for women while men rather use sex toys to freshen up their relationship. 10% of all participants simply enjoy the stimulation at various pleasure hotspots that they can’t tease and please on their own or simultaneously during lovemaking with their partner. 5% of the participants see a sex toy as a guarantor for orgasms. Very rarely, sex toys are used for medical reasons e.g. erectile dysfunction or strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Sex toys are just like shoes. You don’t need a ton of shoes but if you have them, it’s nice to take them out once in a while. The same goes for sex toys. Some people always use the same toy, others like to purchase a new one here and there. But how often does a new sex toy find its way into the toy boxes? Almost a quarter of all participants buy a new toy for their collection once a year and almost 20% twice a year. At least 8% add a new toy to their collection more than once a month and 22% not even once a year. This not only shows the longevity of sex toys but also that, apparently, they often come in groups.

Sometimes the inner values are not the only things that matter. ORION wanted to know which aspects are the most important when buying a new toy. Most of the participants pay particular attention to the material and the volume. The perfect sex toy should be as quiet as possible but at the same time be extremely powerful: power was considered just as important as a stylish design, a highest possible functionality and of course the price. And who would’ve thought? Women value a powerful motor more than men who pay more attention to design.

ORION wanted to know at which spots men like to be stimulated to reach an overwhelming orgasm. The most important hot spot for most men is in fact the glans. That’s no surprise as there are 4000 nerve endings running together at the sensitive tip of the penis. The male family jewels are far behind on second place when it comes to the most favoured pleasure spots. Those who think that only women get aroused when their breasts are touched, will be quite surprised by the ORION sex report’s results: The nipples are the favourite pleasure spot for 29% of the men with the backdoor as a close runner-up. Third place for the favourite pleasure spots of men belongs to the prostate – 21% like to be stimulated there. However, most of the men don’t want to commit themselves to only one spot: about one third of the male participants like to experiment with various spots and don’t want to tie themselves down to only one.

The clitoris has only one main task – give women pleasure. And most women attach great importance to their clitoris: it’s hardly a surprise that the clitoris easily makes the top spot of the most favoured female pleasure spots. It has 8000 nerve endings overall, which are twice as much as the male glans has! And still, for many men the female body remains a mystery. The clitoris is extremely sensitive, no doubt, but the ORION sex report shows that the female body also has many more erogenous zones. The legendary G-spot is the favoured hot spot of the female body for 48% of the women, but the sensitive nipples play an important role as well. The stimulation of the A-spot, an extremely sensitive area between G-spot and cervix, gives at least 15% of the women ecstatic pleasure while the stimulation of the area around the opening of the urethra, the U-spot, makes 8% of women go wild. Experimenting and discovering is definitely a thing at the moment – 24% of women don’t want to commit themselves to only one favourite pleasure spot and like to experiment with various hot spots.

The current ORION sex report shows that there’s a growing trend for doing it yourself. Especially for men, masturbation is quite literally an everyday activity! On average, 10% of the participants masturbate every day. This rather refers to men, however, who masturbate far more frequently than women: almost 20% of the men play with themselves every day but only 1% of the women claim to do so. This is particularly apparent among the younger participants between 18 and 34 years. But, once again, age matters: the older they are, the closer men and women get when it comes to the frequency of them masturbating.

Take matters into one’s own hands or just sit back and let others do the work? No, we are not talking about work life, but rather about the masturbation preferences of our participants. There is no clear trend, however. Using only the hands is slightly ahead with 58%, only 42% use toys when masturbating. What stands out is that significantly more men than women use only their hands to please themselves. About one third of the participants also like a combination of both and just as much change between their hands and toys – whatever suits their needs. By the way, an above-average number of participants used the free text field to give an answer that was not available to select: the shower jet is extremely popular among a lot of the participants.

Let’s get to the climax, shall we?! How well does solo sex do when it comes to the big O? More than half of all participants reach an orgasm quicker during masturbation and 23% come more often on their own. The simple reason for the latter might be that they just have sex with themselves more often than they do with their partner. Solo sex also has some advantages when it comes to the intensity: every fifth person experiences a more intense orgasm during masturbation. Not just a few even stated that they always have an orgasm when masturbating but not during sex with their partner. There are, on the other hand, at least 20% who barely feel any difference between orgasms from masturbation and orgasms they have with their partner.

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