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By on March 6, 2019

The Every Girl is a Rabbit vibrator that comes in a teal, burgundy or black colour (we received it in the latter). Using a magnetic USB charge cable, the Every Girl takes three hours of charge time for up to three hours of fun. Its two independent motors each offer ten functions to be enjoyed simultaneously or separately. The motors – one in the arm and the other in the shaft – provide intoxicatingly deep and rumbly vibrations: neither too overpowering nor too underwhelming, instead they’re Goldilocks juuust right.

With a clitoral arm formed like a gloriously fecund leaf and a shaft featuring four elevated concentric circles for extra G-Spot stimulation, the Every Girl is one of those rare Rabbits that feels flexible enough to suit most bodies – chiefly because its velvety silicone is malleable enough to be tailored to the user’s own physical specifications.

Sharing similar dark and metallic themed packaging to the Dr Rocco set, the Every Girl’s cardboard container shines with subtle black gloss accents over a background of black roses. It also has embossed gold roses glinting on the sides – well, at least our black Every Girl did; the box for the stunning teal version shines with silver detailing instead.

Indeed, Rocks-Off are experts at presentation, and the Every Girl is an exercise in how to do it tastefully. This means that many of their products – including the Every Girl – make excellent gifts. Their previous Yours Truly range of red toys even included a To and From label at the top of its boxes – inspired!

Aside from the packaging, another enjoyable aspect of the Every Girl has to be the ‘Sensory pulse synchronised colour change LED’ at the base of the toy (which basically means that during use, a colour-changing light flashes to the beat of the buzz. Very disco (which is very good)!

Ever wished for an indulgent backlit bath to get you feeling all splashy and sexy? Well, since the Every Girl is fully waterproof it can easily grant you that particular fantasy, as it’s like having a personal mirror ball for your…well, y’know… Which is again, very disco (meaning again, very good).

The Every Girl by Rocks-Off: truly scintillating stuff(ing!).
Mia More

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